Heavy Duty Suction & Discharge Hoses

4 December, 2018

Ideal for dry material handling such as crushed rock, sand, gravel, cement, powder, iron ore, grains and any other substance where high abrasion is a factor.

• Heavy-duty abrasion resistant suction hose.
• Handles crushed rock, street refuse, sand, pea gravel, cement powder and dry fertilizer.
• Flexible and lightweight hose.
• Recommended use: Heavy duty abrasion resistant suction hose for vacuum trucks or handling abrasives.

• Heavy duty suction applications where higher temperature and abrasion are factors such as vacuum trucks, or the handling of fly ash, crushed rock, sand, pea gravel or cement powder.
• Lightweight, flexible, extreme resistance to abrasion and weather.

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Heavy Duty Suction and discharge hoses

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