Six-cylinder System with Integrated Hydraulic Power Pack – HM665

19 June, 2017

The Uniflex HM665, launched at Hannover Messe 2017 is now available in the UK through distributor Abdex.

Featuring a very large crimp opening that is able to crimp large assemblies without the need to remove dies. It is able to crimp 12” CAM, ANSI125/150 and ANS300. The HM665 has a genuine 600 tonne crimp force and crimp range of 450mm.

The crimper is a six-cylinder system with integrated hydraulic power pack. This new and unique design gives full force and a stable crimp every time, and reduces the drive to 5.5kW. The HM665 fixed 6 o’clock die, making is easier to crimp down to a fixed position; especially with large assemblies.

The crimper’s non-grease head has been designed for accurate and true crimping force every time, with possibility to crimp by pressure as standard.

The HM665 also features a new C.2 Siemens lean production control, with optional branded and personal step process. The control means users can easily download and upload both crimp data and production information.


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