Uniflex S3 Light – NOW AVAILABLE!!

7 June, 2017

The Uniflex S3 Light hydraulic hose crimper. Launched at Hannover Messe 2017, and available in the UK through distributor Abdex. The S3 Light is a single cylinder machine that has no obstructions on the back end of the machine when crimping. It operates at 24v DC, making it ideal for mobile vans! It’s total weight, including power pack, is 110kg. The S3 Light can crimp hoses up to 70mm in diameter, and features a new flush die insert system for master dies.

The S3 Light boasts a 160-tonne crimp force, and is able to crimp up to 1.1/4” 4SP and 2” industrial hoses. The crimpers non-grease head facilitates accurate and true force during every crimp.

The S3 Light is quality engineered with front master die fixing plate (not ‘swimming’), claimed to offer the best return on investment and longer operational life.

For more information, or quotation, please contact Abdex.


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